Disciple-Making with Children

by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heartkids reading bible

Here’s a report from a friend, Anne, on the East Coast who is leading a ministry to needy kids in apartment complexes in her city.  It’s a delightful read and illustrates ministry to kids done the way KidZ at Heart teaches.

“We are gearing up for the Bible Club Spring Break. I just had a meeting with the leaders; most of them are children. After a time of seeing how fast we could assemble simple Bible story puzzles, we learned that we were faster if we worked as a team.

Then I asked them to list some animals that the Bible says teach us something about God. We came up with lion, dove and lamb; there are more of course. After talking about the significance of each animal in teaching us about God, I asked them to imagine that those animals were in the room with us right now. How would they react to the lamb? How would they get the dove to land on their head or their hand? What would they do knowing there was a lion in the room? This lion wants to talk to them, and he is not tame.

They came to see with the lamb that they should enter God’s presence with thanksgiving; they should become still with the dove and listen; finally, they needed to respect and obey the lion!

Then we waited in God’s presence to hear what He would say to each of our hearts. I passed out paper and they drew pictures of what they felt God was saying to them. Then each child shared what God had shown them.  It was wonderful!”

Pray for more spiritual discipleship of children, just as Anne is doing.


One thought on “Disciple-Making with Children

  1. That’s so beautiful. I’m going to try to implement more of this with my three kids. Asking them to respond to Scripture by drawing pictures is a wonderful idea, especially since they LOVE art already. Thanks! 🙂


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