Twisted Truth That Kids Believe ~ Part 1

by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart

Myths children believe because we adults support this…

1.    It’s all about me!   …I’m such a little darling!

It’s true – God does love each and every person…every child.  But He wants kids to find their joy by focusing on Him, not on themselves,by learning to put God at the center their lives and living life for Someone greater than themselves.

2.   God loves me best!  … and my stuff is my stuff!

It’s true – God does show His love by blessing His children.  But He wants them to experience the value of His blessing by sharing His goodness with others, not keeping it selfishly for themselves.

3.   I’m too small to count in God’s Kingdom! …so I must wait until I’m all grown up!

It’s true – God doesn’t expect children to do grown-up work.  But He does have work that a child can do to serve Him.

Add to these the lies children believe that the Enemy feeds them…lies about inadequacy, guilt, undeserved punishment from a vengeful God, and the like.

4.    I am inadequate.  I don’t measure up to others so I won’t try to do anything.  My best is not good enough to please important adults in my life.  (Have the strategies of competition gone amuck?  Should we be more willing to try cooperative learning? )

It’s true – some children excel in one area; some excel in other areas.  The key is to help kids appreciate that God has given a unique identity to each of them, and He offers purpose for living that brings joy and satisfaction.

5.   I’m not “a good  kid.”  I have guilty feelings and I don’t know what to do with them.  Probably God wants to punish me…will punish me.  Maybe He even enjoys punishing people.

It’s true – guilt is a gift from God, and He reveals what we need to do to be free from the effects of unconfessed sin.  Kids can learn, at an early age, the value of keeping “short accounts,” confessing and receiving God’s forgiveness.  Important work here, best done at home with Christian parents.

Can you think of other ‘lies’ children easily accept as truth?  Please take a few minutes and share them with us.


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