Making Gratitude a Way of Life

by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

Whereas I would never wish to go back to the bulky upright upon which I learned to type, I’m frequently bemused by totally unexpected results from my present word processor. Just a week ago, I sent off the final, revised version of last week’s blog entry to my editor, ready for posting.  A few hours later I received a note from my niece in Minnesota, thanking me and responding with thoughts of her own. I have no idea how my piece was rerouted, but I am very grateful that it was.

A word of explanation is appropriate. My niece is a young mom who, a few years ago, carried triplets in a pregnancy that sadly ended in their birth back into the arms of Jesus – too soon to survive in this world. She refers to this very briefly in what you’re about to read. But she also shares the joy that is hers now in caring for a precious girl child, born subsequent to the death of the triplets. She also expresses joy and gratitude for a resource she is willing to share with you. Here is what Jan sent me:

This made me think of an absolutely beautiful set of worship songs called Scripture Lullabies.

I used their first CD, loaded on my phone to meditate and pray through my pregnancy with Kate. After my prior losses it was an anxious time and when my head would spin, especially late at night when I’d wake in worry about the baby I was carrying, I’d play Scripture Lullabies and my mind would calm and heart would rest in Jesus and his promises. I get tears just thinking about it. Months later after Kate was born safely into my arms, I’d play the music when she nursed and sit there crying in praise for His safe delivery of my miracle baby. 

Fast forward several years later, when I hadn’t turned to the music as often, and little Kate stumbled upon it on my phone. She actually knew the songs! Her heart had heard them from before birth and she calmed with them just as she did back then. These songs are just beautiful because every single word is simply scripture set to music. The name of the album is “Hidden In My Heart”. How true it is. They’re there when we need them. 

Perhaps this is something you’d like to share with your readers:  One of my favorites is “I Will Never Leave You” (#6 on the first CD). It got me through many nights. You can preview it if you click on the first CD. 

One of our Heavenly Father’s designs to bring encouragement, especially after disappointment and loss, is his willingness to grace us with people or other resources for which we can be truly grateful. Perhaps you can think of a way to present this idea to the children in your life, uniquely suitable to their age and circumstances. I’ll end by offering the first verse of a favorite hymn. “Praise the Savior, you who know him. Who can tell how much we owe him? Gladly let us offer to him, all we are and have! (by Thomas Kelly)

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