Expanding Prayer Vision with Kids

by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

This month with its focus on prayer for the persecuted church, I’ve decided to intercede for Syria. More than fifty years ago, we came close to visiting the capital, Damascus, on our family’s trip to Israel, but there wasn’t time and we passed up the opportunity. Today Syria is often in the news and the news is rarely good.  Hundreds, if not millions of displaced Syrians are all over Europe, many in refugee camps. While this migration is not totally religious in nature, there is evidence that Christians are persecuted in this nation.

I’m also interested in finding information about Syria that is kid friendly, useful in group settings as well as at home. The answer was easy to locate on the Kids of Courage website. Here I found 48 pages with information, stories, games and activities – a treasure trove! Kids of Courage is a division of The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), a Christian organization dedicated to serving persecuted Christians through spiritual and practical assistance and leading others into fellowship with them. (Note: VOM still sends out a free magazine by mail with informative articles and color photos.)

I also did a generic search online for photos of children in Syria and found a large number that I could download. So I have more than enough visuals to support my prayer journey. There was nothing really ‘high-tech’ in my investigation. I’m guessing you can partner with your middle school kids (or younger) to develop a plan for intercessory prayer for some spiritually needy part of our globe.

To reach back historically to those who suffered for their faith in Jesus, investigate a sister enterprise to Kids of Courage and find online information about Torchlighters.  I highly recommend this resource for church and home.

Following, I’ll share one of the stories from the KOC booklet.

At a Christian school in Syria the students memorize Psalm 91. The children use this Psalm to guide prayers for their families during the war. They fast and pray for peace in their country. 

Thankfully they have seen answers to their prayers. One night a driver made a serious mistake in the city where the children go to school. He had been drinking so much that his car ended up sideways across the road. The driver got out and simply walked away. The next morning, no vehicles could drive down the street because the car blocked the way. The children were stuck in their buses as people looked for the car’s driver.

While the children waited for the road to clear, a bomb was detonated farther down the street.  At that time in the morning, the school buses were usually near the place where the bomb exploded. The car blocking the road may have prevented their being injured. As you read Psalm 91, can you see why Syrian children use it to guide their prayers?

Worldwide, Christians are privileged to pray for fellow believers who pay dearly to claim God’s forgiveness offered in Jesus.  May we, with them, remain faithful.

…the Lord alone is my place of safety, and I trust in him.  Psalm 91:1-2 (NLT)

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