More Girl Power

thank-you-noteby Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

I was honored to have a response to my blog entry last week from Michele Rickett, Founder and CEO of SIS (She is Safe). She writes:

Thank you for sharing about She Is Safe’s Pantaloons and Protections for vulnerable girls. It may be hard to believe that millions of girls in the developing world do not have the simplest layer of protective undergarments (thus the pantaloons).

The abuse, murder and sale of girls has been called

the largest holocaust in human history.

 (The murder of 200 million girls)

It is happening in our day, and we cannot leave it to the next generation! I offer a heartfelt invitation for caring people to join us to protect 100,000 children from abuse over the next twelve months.

Warmly, Michele Rickett, Founder & CEO 

Since October is a month when many organizations focus on women and girls national and worldwide, I offer this suggestion.  In your prayer time, make it a point to remember, celebrate and pray for God’s plans for these who are so important in his design for the human race.

Praise God for the women who have impacted your life, especially those whose influence has been positive and God-honoring.  Think of well-known women whose lives are presented in print and in film and then thank the Father that countless other women and girls have come and gone whose stories are known to only a few before they blink out altogether – except in God’s memory, of course.

Consider doing something to honor women in your life who are still living and within reach of your voice, your email message, your greeting card – even your gift of time.  Tell them why you value and honor them – why you thank God for them.

Think of the many women who never marry and bear children.  So many are used to influence boys and girls – even whole families.  Praise God for the women who, down through the ages, have given up the right to culturally accepted roles and served God in distant lands without partnering with a husband.  The list of these is long; research it and find some whose stories you can share with your boys and girls.

As gender-distinctions become more and more blurred, strengthen your daughters and granddaughters in their acceptance of God’s design for their unique sexuality and help them see this as part of their identity in Christ.  Help them understand that while equal rights may be the preferred option, with rights come responsibilities.

A gracious woman gains respect.  Proverbs 16:11a 

A FINAL WORD – on a rather different topic:  This is Shoebox Season!  It’s the time when a family can fill up a shoebox and bring it to a collection center that sends it to an Operation Christmas Child ministry where, eventually it reaches a boy or girl somewhere in the world.  This is a worthy investment of funds and ideal opportunity to involve kids in global outreach…be sure to do it with them!


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