Miracle Mushrooms

20160804_100024by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

I must admit that when I ‘m on a major shopping expedition in a supermarket, I’m not inclined to think about God’s miracle provision.  Of course, I’m grateful that God provides the resources so I can purchase a cart full of groceries and household items.  I guess I’d have to go all the way back to think about seed planting and harvest to get close to the ‘miracle’ of growth.

The Bible however gives us many examples of God miraculously providing nourishment for his people…in both Old and New Testaments. I Kings 17 relates two stories of how God fed the prophet, Elijah.  You might challenge your kids to find other examples of this in Scripture and bring them to a family meeting.  You could then end with the following true story found in a recent issue of Asia Harvest magazine.

As a powerful revival swept across central China in the 1990s, two teenage girls travelled from central China to a remote province to reach an ethnic minority living there. They had no financial support, no return tickets and no contacts. The whole region was completely devoid of any knowledge of Jesus.

After arriving, the duo’s hearts were filled with compassion. They tried to share Christ’s message, but the local women opposed them and drove them out of their homes. They were forced to sleep wherever they could find shelter: under bushes, in abandoned farm sheds, and the like. They were struggling, their stomachs were empty, and nobody would listen to the good news they wanted to share.

One day the two girls heard about an abandoned cave believed to be haunted by ghosts. They saw this as the Lord’s provision and prayed against any unclean spirits as they moved into their new home. The girls prayed for many hours with tears, asking the Lord to help them.

One night they were particularly downcast and hungry. They felt that unless the Lord did a miracle, they would die. They prayed until they fell asleep. In the morning they awoke to find that during the night mushrooms had sprouted right outside the entrance of the cave! They immediately boiled them, thanking God for their nutritious meal.

The next morning they woke to discover more mushrooms had grown up again during the night! This continued every morning for about a year. Even in winter these miraculous mushrooms never failed to appear, poking their heads up through the snow outside the cave entrance. The girls learned how to enjoy mushrooms in every possible way.  They always tasted delicious because they were a miraculous provision of God.

Gradually these two young women started to be accepted by the local community. They were able to lead some women to Christ. A small church was established for the first time in the region. After about a year, one of the young women secured a job washing dishes at a local restaurant. The very day she started work the mushrooms stopped appearing outside the cave!

For many years now the “haunted” cave has been used as a Bible training center for new believers.  Now hundreds of people have come to Christ in that area.

Praise the Lord…who satisfies you with good things.  Psalm 103:1 & 5


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