Matters of Perspective

psalm-103_1by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

Perspective…a view of things in their true relationship or relative importance.  Merriam-Webster

Not since the early weeks following my husband’s death have I had a panic attack.  Just recently, however, I came very near to having an emotional melt-down.  It had something to do with jet lag, no doubt.  An eleven hour flight westwards over nine time zones can really scramble one’s inner time clock.  Add to this being dumped back into drought stricken Southern California with triple digit temps, day after day!  A deadline was looming for the children’s story I was committed to write, and I’m embarrassed to admit, I was at a loss for fresh ideas.  What is worse, I simply didn’t care.

Of course, I prayed for our merciful Heavenly Father to restore my creativity.  A few details rattled around in my brain.  I had some main characters and a setting…ideas like that.  But a problem that needed solving, a challenge, nothing of the sort surfaced from my subconscious.  Finally I turned to the Psalms and God rescued me as I meditated on Psalm 103.

Now, I’ve been reading the Psalms since I was a youngster.  Only in recent years has a theme of Scripture, repeated over and over, come to my attention.  I’m referring to God’s continuity plan from our first parents in the Garden to the end of time when Jesus returns for his Church.  Some call it generational faithfulness – God’s faithfulness to mankind moving along a continuum of one generation to the next.  The Psalmist put it, “…to children’s children.”(Ps. 103:17)

Again, God reminded me that he created childhood.  His compassion did not jump from one adult to another adult, but came through the process of starting over, growing up and then starting over again.  Thus the strategic importance of children in God’s creative plan.  And, I was again reminded of how privileged I am to spend the last years of my life, focused on that beginning – on children.  They really do make a difference.

Even so, the Psalmist repeated over and over, “Let all that I am praise the Lord.”  So, I took the Psalmist’s advice and began to praise God.  As I moved from one verse of the Psalm to the next, making it my own, thanking God for his steadfast love…his salvation that extends to my children’s children… something within me unlocked and the rest of the story I needed to write came clear.  But more than wrapping up the writing assignment, more than reminding me again of the strategic value of children in the whole scheme of life, I felt renewed in my spirit.

God, my compassionate, Heavenly Father, knows what in my childhood, both negative and positive, still remains with me today and still, ”He fills my life with good things.  My youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” (Ps 103:5)

Traditionally, I read Psalm 145 every day.  I think, however, for this month, I’ll switch to Psalm 103 and journal some insights God reveals.  Perhaps even more I’ll better learn to praise him “with all that I am.”

“…may I never forget the good things he does for me.”  Ps. 103:2b


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