A Day at the Ball Park

baseballby Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International4

Hold on to your bat and get ready to swing!  You’re about to make a homerun!  With three players on base, it’s your turn.  You’re wearing a colorful jersey just like your teammates, emblazoned with the team emblem 4-14.  The crowd is going wild as you swing, and the ball sails out of the park!

Of course, it’s more a dream than a reality…but it needn’t be.  You see, once every year, three players get on base at the same time.  On first base is 4-14 who stands for today’s date.  On second is 4-14 who stands for a specific area identified on the globe by the coordinates 4 to 14 degrees north of the equator.  And on third is 4-14 which represents the ages of people alive today who are most likely to say yes to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him.

And YOU?  Your intercession swings the bat that sends that ball of PRAYER out of the park…and brings the players safely home.

Well, popcorn and sodas aside, you can get in on the game by devoting some of your day – that’s right, April 14, or 4/14 – to pray for kids between the ages of 4 and 14 in that imaginary window stretching across the Mediterranean all the way east through China.

OK – this may be a bit gimmicky.  But you have to admit it could get your kids’ attention and help you spend quality time interceding for some of the millions of children who have yet to hear about Jesus even once.  And for many who have heard but not responded.  And for those who are caught in the grips of violence, poverty and disease.

Why not carve out some time this afternoon or evening and call a home team meeting.  Find out what information you already have that you can turn into prayer points.  If you have cyber-techs among you, give these kids time to do some sleuthing on line and bring back information to help you pray.  Here’s one site:  www.global414Day.com. (Go to Prayer Guide; click on Click here) Print out the two pages and follow the ideas during your prayer time.

And, for that matter, why stop with just one day?  Extend your efforts into the rest of the week. Who knows? You may get so excited about following God’s coaching and make intercession for kids worldwide a lifetime game plan – starting in your own neighborhood, of course.

I’ll give you more ideas next time to add to the ones you’re coming up with.  Think of it as spiritual spring training.  Batter up!


One thought on “A Day at the Ball Park

  1. I liked the photo of the old, used baseball…like the frequently-used prayer “baseballs” we hit up to Lord…it always gets caught but we’re never “out”!


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