Honoring God’s Design

rocksby Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

God’s design when He created mankind was that a couple’s offspring would grow up within a sheltering, God-honoring family.  Satan set out to corrupt this even as he has subverted every other part of God’s design.  Under the New Covenant sealed with the shed blood of our Savior, we can return to God’s original intention.  Parents and caregivers can provide a nurturing environment where everyone will experience a close relationship with one another and with Jesus.

The road ahead, however, is not a simple, easy walk free from struggle, anxiety and disappointment.  Still, God has given us enough clear guidance in His Word and comforting counsel by His Spirit which lives within us as individuals and within our family as a whole to grow hopeful, purposeful lives.

Earlier in this series I touched briefly on four stones of remembrance: filter, focus, fortify and finish and at length on another: forgive. (See below) By using these points of truth and encouragement when your family gathers together, you can apply biblical wisdom to daily challenges.  Let me end by adding two more: fruitful and faith-full.

FRUITFUL: If faced with a dilemma, one can ask, “Does this have anything to do with my bearing spiritual fruit?”  And, of course, the first scriptures to come to mind are Galatians 5:22-26 and John 15:1-4.  As branches attached to the Vine, Jesus, we produce character qualities that reflect the life of Jesus within us even as a family that reflects God’s character showcases His mighty works. Psalm 145.

FAITH-FULL: Being full of faith is another spiritual lodestone to remember.  Ephesians 2:9 says faith is God’s gift.   Hebrews 11 defines faith and gives some stellar examples of those who were faith-full.  Of course, when we are full of faith we become faithful to our ever faithful Heavenly Father! 1 Thess.5:24.

FILTER:  Philippians 4:6, 7       FOCUS:  Hebrews 12:1-3         FORTIFY:  I Thess. 5:10, 11.

FINISH:  James 1:4                   FORGIVE:  Col.3:13

If you assemble seven flat rocks, and give each one a name (above) representing godly wisdom you can draw from, we’d be grateful if you’d share a photo, sketch or account of how God has used this in your family times.

We pray for you, beloved of our Heavenly Parent, as you lead your family to do its part advancing God’s global Kingdom on earth.


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