Family Training ~ Online Resources and Media


by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

In earlier entries, we’ve made some suggestions for books/printed material that are currently available and full of valuable insights for the parent/coach.  Following are some suggestions for online and media resources.

  •  KidZ KaN for Families is 12 monthly issues, downloadable, each bringing a story and units for activities suitable for school aged kids.  Each issue features a different country where KidZ At Heart sends teams to train adults to effectively share Jesus with children in their own culture.
  •  A treasure chest with a wide variety of resources; many with a focus on reaching the edges of God’s Kingdom – those places and peoples who have little to no opportunity to hear about God’s gift of eternal life in Jesus.
  •   A new product (Summit Series) from this trusted curriculum company designed to disciple school aged kids within their families with parents as primary coaches/leaders.  Creative, colorful workbooks, one per child, with strong support from a website.
  •  Listen to Dr. Rob Rienow as he expounds on “Your Family and God’s Plan for the World.”
  • Kids of Courage – Online magazine with a focus on children whose courage shines in the faces of adversity and persecution.  A product of Voice of the Martyrs.
  • The Story of Jesus for Children is a 60-minute film that blends scenes from ‘The Jesus Film’ and a set of fictional children (and their families) who might have lived at the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry.   Translated into over 100 languages.
  • Investigate the ministry of Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller whose teaching guides parents into an approach to ministry to their children that is both practical and ‘heart-based.’

Two publishers that provide fiction and biography of missionary heroes for kids to read: Bethany House Publishers and YWAM Publishers.

Contact our Resource Team to receive a 10%-15% discount on materials you would like to order. 


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