Playing the Game ~ Reaching Out Part 2

heart in handsby Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

 Family life – advancing God’s Kingdom

Apart from taking a short term mission trip as a family, the options are many for reaching out; here are a few.  You can add your own.


  •                 Create ways to bless those who serve you or come to your front door.
  •                 Take group, prayer walks – your home, neighborhood, church, school, and downtown.
  •                 Bless your neighbors with random acts of kindness.
  •                 Take (not send) non-perishable items to the local food pantry.
  •                 Participate when it’s your church’s turn to feed the homeless at the local shelter.
  •                 Adopt someone who could be lonely.
  •                 Send a Christmas gift to a child whose parent (s) are in prison.
  •                 Fill a shoebox with much needed and appreciated items and send to a needy child.
  •                 Mentor a teen-age mom and her baby.
  •                 Become a foster family.
  •                 Adopt a missionary family that is similar to yours.
  •                 Research a specific missional need and support the project…wells, micro-enterprise, etc.
  •                 Intercede for people you see on the local, national, international news broadcasts.
  •                 Provide new stuffed animals for children in the hospital or rescued from domestic violence.
  •                 Crochet hats for patients undergoing chemo treatment; insert a message of hope in each.
  •                 Invest money to help support a global partner serving with your church or an agency.
  •                 Pay (and pray!) for an inner city kid, or a child overseas, to go to camp for a week.
  •                 Find out what God is doing in places linked to food you eat or clothes you wear; pray for them.
  •                 Sponsor a child overseas through a mission agency.
  •                 Help out with local ministries to international students.
  •                 “Fast” from treats & fun excursions for a month and give the money saved to a mission project.
  •                 Deliberately ‘simplify’ your life and give the money saved to a mission project.
  •                 Look for the store owner, student, neighbor who comes from another land; reach out to them.

A word about prayer.  Someone has said,” PRAYER is the work of mission.”  We can make prayer one of the primary pillars of family life, understanding that prayer, at its simplest, is acknowledging the presence of Jesus in our home, in our lives.  We can tell Him when we’re sad, mad or glad!  We can listen to Him.  We can create a quiet space in our home where a member can go and be alone with Jesus.  We can replace our feelings of hopelessness over this world’s needs and suffering with intercession.  We can pray for hurting people and praise God Who will, one day, make all things right and create a world where His justice reigns.

A word about money.  Consider insisting that kids help supply the funds for people and projects that are adopted.  Kids have savings; they can earn money within the home and outside.  For instance, when we prayerfully decide to adopt a child with an international agency, we can challenge our children to first make their faith pledges for what they will supply each month.  We, then, make up the difference.

God so loves the world that He gives.  So do we!



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