Psalm 145 ~ A Family Creed (Part 2)

IMG_20140901_194316304by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

God’s faithfulness – a family’s constant.

An example of God’s faithfulness that would be placed on my family tree:

We lived in Liberia at the time our four children’s ages ranged from ten years to infancy.  We had to move from a fully furnished place belonging to fellow missionaries on home leave, to a new house an African friend had just finished building in Monrovia.  (Well, almost finished…­)

We had adequate furnishings with one exception.  We didn’t own a refrigerator, considered an essential in the tropics.  We didn’t have the funds to buy one.

We prayed…all of us.  Well, maybe not the baby, but you know what I mean!

Frank was in town one day, checking on our mail at the main post office and the merchants that stocked refrigerators.  He discovered a new fridge that was significantly discounted because it was slightly dented – and a check in our postal box for the exact amount needed to buy it – all in one morning.

Our Father was not always so prompt or dramatic with His answers to our believing prayer, but our little family could not help but see His generous hand in our circumstances.   

I could tell you many more stories like this.  Enough to suggest that God was at work in our family’s life, producing ‘miracles’ on a regular basis.  It was up to us to recognize His faithfulness and make sure that our children were aware of His ‘mighty works.’ (Psalm 145:4)

How about this for a challenge?  Gather your family around for a brief discussion.  Present the idea that for the coming month (you can determine the time parameters) you will all be on the look-out for examples of something that can only be explained as a “God-thing.”  That is, human explanations fall short and one must conclude that it was an evidence that God exists.  And, not only that He exists, but that He is present in your lives to bless in some specific way.

You may consider this pretty risky business – and I agree.  I am convinced, however, that God will not let you down.  Keep track of what your family members bring to the sharing time and rejoice!   And don’t forget the things we like to term ‘coincidences’ either.  (i.e. occurring together without a reasonable explanation)

I’ll end with a word of caution.  We do well when we help children realize that God is not like the genie in a bottle.  He is all-powerful, true, but he is also all-wise and knows what is best for us.  This may not always coincide with what we think is best for us.  And therein must come our willingness to trust Him, a life-long process that is best begun in early childhood.

You are always welcome to share your experiences and wisdom.





One thought on “Psalm 145 ~ A Family Creed (Part 2)

  1. I love your story of how God provided the refrigerator and the money to pay for it. We had a similar story back when we owned a rental property. We didn’t have enough to pay the second half of that month and our renters left. So we prayed and a check near the exact amount showed up in our mail box. God is faithful and it is refreshing to reflect upon His goodness. Thanks. 🙂


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