Psalm 145 ~ A Family Creed (Part 1)

Psalm 145by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

God’s faithfulness – a family’s constant. 

I must confess, I never succeeded at journaling, something I regret.  If I had written down even some of the ways God met us on our family’s journey, I would have a lot to work with now. I could pass on to others, yet to come, examples from more than fifty years of God’s faithfulness.  I’ll share a memory in just a bit that would have been part of our journey’s log.  Like a shining globe, it hangs on our life-tree, reflecting the glory of God and His Kingdom.

Enough of this to encourage you to organize your time and come up with ways to record and exhibit God’s faithfulness to your family.

You might start with Psalm 145.  Let everyone focus on these verses for an extended period of time.  Immerse yourselves in their glorious truths and thus allow God’s Spirit to work them through the very fiber of your family’s life

Begin by memorizing verses four and five until you can say them in unison:

    One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.

               They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and…will meditate on your wonderful works.

Ask questions like,

  • To whom is this scripture written?
  • What is God like and what does He do?
  • What does God expect from us?

And then find creative ways to respond to this.

One might be to draw a large Christmas tree on a piece of poster board.  Supply circles of paper in different colors.  On each circle, let someone record a word, phrase or picture to remind you of one of God’s ‘mighty works’ in your family’s experience. Tape the circles on the tree’s branches.  Keep it up until your ‘family tree’ is fully decorated.  Use it as a focus for times of sharing with each other – giving God thanksgiving and praise.

Each member of your family has some creative bent that deserves attention.  As you interact with God’s Word, encourage creative expression as much as rote responses.  Be careful to note when you get the answers your child thinks you want…not what really reveals his true heart response.  Dealing openly with things that puzzle a child at an early age, can often forestall the doubt and disobedience that comes in the teen years.

As always, we welcome your response to this.



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