Celebrating Cultural Differences

???????????????????????????????Preparing your family to have a welcoming attitude towards cultural differences can begin within your home. You don’t even have to leave home to celebrate unfamiliar customs. Here are a few ways you can help each other become willing to try new things.

  •  Shoes Off, Please – Children go barefoot in many cultures, usually because of poverty.  Declare a barefoot week and everyone in the family sheds their shoes as often as possible. You may get used to it after a little bit. Share with each other how it felt to always go barefoot, even when it wasn’t convenient.
  • All Together Now – When you pray for a meal or family time together, try praying out loud, everyone praying at once. Experience it a few times. Was your prayer just as meaningful and effective? Can God hear you all at once? These are questions you can discuss with your family and challenge each other to expand your comfort zone.
  • New Food Night – Agree together on a new food you will try as a family, whether it is at a restaurant or at home. Make it as authentic as possible to the way it is prepared in the native culture. Did you enjoy it or just tolerate it? Decide if you will adopt it as a “regular” in your mealtimes. See if you can expand your normal dinner menus to include more foods from other cultures. 

An international mindset begins as early as you can embrace the idea. Today might be a good day to begin a change. Share with us what you tried.



One thought on “Celebrating Cultural Differences

  1. Janet, you’ve given me a good idea for part of the children’s program of an upcoming Missions Festival to be held at our home church! Thanks…Tim


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