Trusting God ~ Honduras

Honduras teamby Janet Anthony, NextGen Director for KidZ at Heart International

Follow along with me.  I’d like to take you on an adventure, one that will take your family to new places without leaving the country. I did leave the country, however, with a team of five others. All of us were trying to pursue what God was calling us to do. It’s that conviction that you can’t refuse when you are being drawn to something, but you have no idea how God is going to pull it off.

Our mission was to equip 100 people to teach kids in their churches and community in ways kids enjoy and understand, using only the resources available in that country. Most of our team did not have the gift of teaching, some of us DID have the fear of flying and the unknown and all of us were trusting God alone to supply the money we needed to make the journey. The sacrifices we made caused us to trust God at newer and deeper levels.

Ernie, facing his extreme fear of flying, prayed his way onto the plane heading to Honduras. Many years previously, on his last flight to a different destination, he had literally collapsed and woke up when the plane landed. As the fear flooded his mind, God brought peace through scripture and encouragement he had received from others. This gave him the courage to stand against his fears. With God, he won the battle.

Rob was going to go with us, but not teach. He just wasn’t comfortable teaching, especially in front of a crowd. He joined us on Skype for each training session since he was away at college. As the training progressed, he began to assist with small portions of teaching and, finally, co-taught an entire workshop in Honduras. God gave him confidence.

Miriam knew that God was calling her to take her first international trip. Finances were going to be the determining factor. Would God confirm his call or was she asking too much for him to provide all of her funds? She taught a martial arts class for kids and shared with them one day about her planned trip to Honduras. The next week, a young boy brought her an envelope, heavy with the weight of coins. Grateful for his sacrifice to empty at least some of his piggy bank out for her trip, she thanked him and took the envelope home. As she opened the envelope, her eyes grew wide as she saw the check for $1,000…plus the $1.50 in coins. It became clear she was being held in the palms of a very loving heavenly Father!

In life, a journey focused on following God’s leading—to Honduras, to a new job, to develop a relationship with someone to share Christ with them—begins first with a foundation of learning to trust God’s leading. How do you help your kids learn to trust a loving, gracious God? Check out our next entry for an idea.

KidZ KaN for Families, an electronic resource for families, helps you understand different cultures and develop a heart for God’s plan in the world. This month the focus is Honduras! You can sign up at


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