Beach Scene ~ Take One

008-jesus-beachby Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

John, Chapter 21, relates a third incident where Jesus appeared to a group of His followers.  Remember the first two?  Number one was the evening of what we call ‘Resurrection Sunday’ when the two from Emmaus burst in on a huddle of bewildered disciples with astonishing news.  The couple confirmed the reports of individuals and then Jesus Himself appeared.  The second recorded account was a week later when Jesus again appeared to the same group, only this time,Thomas was present to experience the Risen Savior for himself.

Now, with family members gathered together with their Bibles, read John 21 aloud.  For verses 1- 25 choose a confident reader to take the part of the narrator, another person to read the words of Jesus.  When you come to verse 21, add another voice for Peter to enter the conversation he had with Jesus. John is telling this interesting story that took place some distance from Jerusalem.  In fact, it was around seventy miles north – and out of doors.

If you were to write a screen play script for this event you’d probably need to make some plans before starting.  To help you do this, take an unlined sheet of paper.  Place a small glass on the center and draw a line around it to make a circle.

In that circle print the Bible reference and the names of the two main characters – Jesus and Peter, right?

Draw a line to the bottom center of the page and write in any supporting characters you’d need.  Identify the writer or story teller by underlining his name.

In the bottom left hand corner, briefly describe the ‘where’ of this film.  I can think of three places: the boat, the shore close by and a distance shot of the beach.

At the top of the page, center, list the activities you’ll be filming: fishing, cooking, eating, walking, talking…others?

Possibly, down the left side, list Jesus’ directions, commands, and questions.

Down the right side, list the disciples’ responses.

Hold on to this ‘director’s map’ in case you have some budding actors who would like to present a one act play…or maybe some puppeteers to show their stuff.

Finally, to get to the meaning behind this account, take a piece of lined paper.  Let one person record the answers of the group.  Working together, see if you can come up with at least 20 questions that you’d try to answer before beginning to film.  I’ll give several at the end of this entry just to get you started.

For families with young ones, supply materials for them to draw the scenes you read about and color them.  Let them tell the story again in their own words with the help of their pictures.

Consider meeting one more time with this passage.  Maybe Mom would prepare a breakfast of biscuits and fried fish, just to help set the stage?



1.  Why do you think the disciples traveled so far from Jerusalem?

2.  What miracles are recorded in this story?

3.  Were you surprised that Jesus made breakfast?  Why or why not?

4. – 20. You fill in the rest!

21 – 25.  What does the Lord want me to remember from this story?

How will this make a difference in the way I live?


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