A Tale of Two Gardens (Part 2)

Peter and Johnby Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

Before we move on to Jerusalem, you may want to spend some time reading one account of Peter’s experience at the tomb.  (Luke 24:1-12)  From our perspective, we may find the slowness to believe on the part of Jesus’ followers exasperating. Perhaps if we try to immerse ourselves in this amazing story, though, we’ll see that Jesus had great patience with His followers.  And eventually they did ‘get it.

The resurrection became to them a solid fact.  Their encounters with the risen Savior became the foundation upon which their faith was built.  The certainty of Christ’s resurrection became the keystone of His follower’s witness then – as it is today for us.

Only Peter

(A retelling of Luke 24:1-12)

 Out of dawn shadows they slip back to the garden

with fragrant spices to wrap His dead body

only to find the dread tomb

alive with dazzling light

and two angels.

 Why do you seek the living among the dead?

 Startled and fearful they ponder

this strange contradiction

and remember His promises.

 Can we be imagining these things?


 In spite of scornful disbelief

they share the incredible news ~ and

only Peter runs to the tomb.

 Women still offer hope to the sorrowful

carry Good News to the fearful

if only for one to see the tomb empty.

Yet surely…for many.



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