Aprilby Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

Traditionally we think – springtime.  We see new growth in our gardens and trees bursting with flower power.

This year, however, winter seems more reluctant than usual to release its frigid grip.  Weather reports are interesting, in part, because they are urgent.  Natural disasters have come as well…horrendous mud slides and ominous droughts, earthquakes large enough to rattle residents in urban areas with uneasiness.  Are these just warnings that the ‘big one’ is on the way?

APRIL, also brings, among other things, major religious observances for both Jews and Christians.  Passover intertwines with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – Easter weekend.  These are all great times for celebration even though the latter, especially, has been overlaid with gaudy, whimsical tones… bunnies, egg hunts, new clothes – and other scraps of pagan beliefs that have little to do with our spiritual core.

Add to this, for those of us raising our children in North America, the enormous pressures of commercialism and the media.  We probably cannot escape our culture’s secular clutches all together this month, but we can give thought and action to growing a biblical family culture that is larger at the core than the culture that surrounds us.  We can attempt to make the main thing, truly, the main thing.

Jesus died and on the third day came alive!  Our eternal destiny rests upon this irrefutable truth.  These events reveal the amazing love of God and inescapable impact of our Savior’s willingness to suffer and die that we, too, might live eternally with Him.

We have time before April twentieth to search our own souls and make some decisions that will shape how we observe Easter this year.  We can also devote some time this month to interceding for the millions of children that have no opportunity whatever to celebrate our glad holidays.  How has God been speaking to you about this?  Have you a nugget of wisdom to share with others?  We invite you to send this to us for blog posts to come.  Thank you.



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