Twisted Truth That Kids Believe ~ Part 2

by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at HeartHome-Heart

We are very likely to seek help for our kids when they are seriously ill, caught up in dangerous circumstances in and out of the home, blatantly disrespectful or rebellious.  Subtle lies like the ones in our previous post are harder to detect and even more difficult to deal with.  Fortunately, for us, much wisdom exists and comes readily through the writing/speaking of others. You’ve already found coping strategies and best practices to share, as well.

Here are a couple of ideas to make a start:

  1. Learn early on to respond to unwelcome behavior as symptoms of heart issues like those listed above.  Let the words of Christ, in all their richness, live in your hearts and make you wise. Col. 3:16

Make God’s Word your guide for personal and family values and behavior.  For instance, you could create a family study of the first half of Hebrews 12.  Children who are far enough along in their reading skills can help with this.

2. Create ‘team spirit’ with your kids.  Remind them frequently that God put you together as a family and is so pleased when He sees a cooperative spirit at work in family life .…loving one another and working together with one heart and purpose.  Philippians 2:2b

Be intentional about reminding yourselves and your kids that while there’s an ‘Enemy Team’ that is trying to defeat your “King Jesus,” He wants your family group to function  as a team intent on winning spiritual victories that bring Him honor and glory.

A strong curriculum tool that we have to answer #1 &#2 above is the “Cat & Dog Theology for Kids”

Lesson 1: Understanding God’s Glory can be Puzzling!

Lesson 2: “Cool” Cat or “Devoted Dog?”

Lesson 3:  A “Snapshot” of God’s Glory.

Lesson 4: WDGG”?  (What Does God Get?)

This comes in CD format available from Unveiling Glory  —

(Thanks to Carissa Potter for some of these ideas presented at the CMTA Conference in 2011.)

We welcome your responses and suggestions.


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