Easter Meditation

graveBy Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

I  wonder how many of us are glad this Easter season to be rid of our grave clothes as we experience new life in Christ?  Do we feel more comfortable, even while rejoicing that we’re alive, yet choosing to remain in the tomb?  We hear a lot these days about feelings and comfort zones. Is it possible that we are fearful of living fully in the light?  Is just the thought of letting the dazzling, resurrection rays of God shine within us and all around taking us out of our comfort zone?

What remnants of grave clothes hang on your life…are evident in your family’s life? You’ll need to answer that for yourself; your situation is unique.  I would challenge you, as I do myself, to take inventory.  Prayerfully let God’s Spirit show you evidence of pre-resurrection apparel.  When you look around your home and the activity within it, what do you see?  What do you hear, what are you watching and reading, how do people respond/react to each other, how do you play, what do you study, how do you spend money, how do you spend time?  Note areas that cry out for mending – perhaps new beginnings.

In the parable of the lost coin, the woman cleaned house in a big way before finding what was missing.  Easter could be just the time for a thorough sweep if we sense we’ve lost the precious coin of Jesus’ sweet presence.  (I know this is not the primary lesson here, but I think it still fits!)

Our family included three daughters.  When they were young, I made a lot of their clothes.  I really did like to sew.  But one year, as we were assembling our ‘missionary outfit’ I decided I didn’t need a sewing machine.  What I soon discovered once we were back in Liberia was this:  I may not have had time to start and finish new sewing projects, but I did have to mend!  Seams opened, hems needed letting down, and a wide array of stitching was needed after the original garments were created.

This is a pretty accurate allegory for what most of us must do, spiritually, as we outfit our growing families – or, even, networks of families.  We pick patterns and we get comfortable in our chosen routines.  Should we admit that some spiritual seams are bursting and edges are fraying?  This season is ideal for taking these things to our Heavenly Tailor and letting Him repair damages and patch weak spots.  He may even suggest starting some new wardrobe additions all together.

May we allow Him to give us Easter outfits that are spotless and beautiful as they reflect His glorious character. These well-fitting garments of praise permit us to go forth fully clothed to do ‘mighty works’ in His strength and for His glory!


A postscript:  As a family, when our kids were growing up, we usually sang before meals.  The six of us plus our frequent guests could even achieve three part harmony.  This was one of our favorites:

Be present at our table, Lord.  Be here and everywhere adored.

These mercies bless and grant that we may live in fellowship with Thee.

               You can Google this and find the melody and many variations on the text.                     

You could say, if not sing, it this Sunday before you enjoy your holiday meal.


One thought on “Easter Meditation

  1. I’ve started singing our prayers on occasion before meals as u suggested. It’s very fun & meaningful, especially for our youngest who loves to sing. Hearing her words makes me smile, as I’m sure it does for Jesus as well.


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