Candy Corn Prayer

Fun with family, great food and plenty of play go naturally with Thanksgiving.  Drawing the family together into prayer and an attitude of gratefulness to God can be difficult to achieve.  But with a simple piece of candy corn at each place at the table, you can help lead everyone into recognizing and asking God’s blessing on those who are both near to us and far away.

During the days leading up to Thanksgiving or on Thanksgiving Day, at one of your meals distribute a piece of candy corn to each one at the table.  Notice the three colors on the corn—one at the point, one in the middle and one at the top.  The point can represent those who are closest to us—our families or neighbors.  Everyone at the table should think of someone close to them and then tell God a simple sentence, “God I thank you for _____ because _______.”  Next, the middle color prompts us to think of someone who is farther away, living somewhere in your country who needs God’s help.  Thank God for them and pray for them.  Finally, the top color reminds us to pray for those much farther away in another part of the world.  You may even have a globe or world map close by to choose another country, but again thank God for people in that country and pray for a need there or for people in that location to learn more about Jesus.

Depending on the size of your family and how comfortable they may be with this prayer time, deciding together as a family who to choose to pray for can be another option.  Choose who will pray for the three areas for your family, remembering that kids are great pray-ers.  Let prayer become an interactive, enjoyable time of your holiday.


One thought on “Candy Corn Prayer

  1. Janet, this is a good, practical suggestion for Thanksgiving…or any time of the year, for that matter. I’ll try it this Thanksgiving. (I’ll try to NOT eat up all the candy corn before we get to the prayer part, though!!)


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