Serve Up a Smile

Preparations turn to food and family as Thanksgiving rolls onto the schedule next week.  But before you get too heavily into the rush, maybe you wish there were a way to make a difference with your kids this year.  Knowing there are many demands on a family’s schedule, here is an idea that isn’t too demanding but will surely bring a smile and “Thanks” to someone’s heart and give your kids a chance to help another think of the God who has given so many blessings.

Plan to visit a widowed neighbor, an elderly person in a care center or even a child in a hospital for an extended illness.  Take this simple Thanksgiving Wreath craft in a kit to do with them.  Here is what you will need:

8” or larger circle cut from cardstock or cereal box with a 3” hole cut in the center

Glue Stick

30-40  2”x2” squares of colored tissue paper (at least 7 or 8 different colors)

2”x3” piece of cardstock or heavy paper with “Happy Thanksgiving” written on it

20” piece of ribbon or raffia

Hole punch

 Directions: Slightly crumple each piece of tissue paper then glue to the wreath form.  Ask the person you are serving if they would like to do the gluing or at least pick which color comes next or where to place each tissue.  Talk with them about things they may be thankful for and share with them things you are thankful for.  Get to know them as you work together, allowing your child to take the lead in this relational project.  Punch two holes about 1″ apart toward the top of the wreath.  Use the raffia to tie the “Happy Thanksgiving” card to the wreath. If you can, offer to hang the wreath up for them and ask if you could pray for them and reassure them how much God cares for them.

Maybe you can continue this relationship on a regular basis with the person you just connected with or maybe you can plan to do it with more of your child’s friends on a larger scale next time.  Kingdom living starts with intentional serving with people who live right where you are.


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