No-Fear Faith

In the world of kids, our first inclination when we hear of persecuted Christians is to shield our kids from the awful truth that some Christians in the world are imprisoned and even giving up their lives for the privilege of standing up for Christ.  That level of commitment to God is foreign in most of our lives and in the lives of the young learners we are trying to lead spiritually.

But what if instead of shielding our kids, we began to reveal to them all of Jesus’ teaching, including his caution that as his followers it won’t be unusual that we may go through persecution.  Then what if we taught them further that his plan was for all of the Church to pray, encourage and support their Christian brothers and sisters around the world in their commitment to Christ.  Kids find great hope in the power of prayer.  It is a comfort to them to know that there is truly something powerful they can do in the face of injustice and cruelty.

November 4th (some choose the 11th) is designated as the time for International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  Lead your kids to pray for those in other countries who are standing up for Christ despite the cost.  Resources intended to lead kids to greater understanding of how to pray regarding those being persecuted  can be found at (Children’s Material) and  Who knows..we may even begin to see our kids pray publicly in the cafeteria at school and decide to turn first to prayer for the bully in his class rather than give in to intimidation.  Leadership of parents and teachers can build kids who make a difference.


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