Christ-Centered KidZ

Maybe you’ve read Move: What 1,000 Churches Reveal about Spiritual Growth by Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson. Or maybe you haven’t–like me. I just read a review of it that has caught my interest. Based on Willow Creek’s REVEAL survey on spiritual growth taken by more than 1,000 churches, it details the steps people proceed through to become fully devoted disciples of Christ, what practices help them grow spiritually deeper and presents interviews with pastors who are leading churches that have a high percentage of people who are living healthy, effective lives following Christ.

You see, Willow Creek spent years planning effective programming under the philosophy that a mature Christian will be actively involved in church programming to stay on track in their relationship with God. However, they found that church activity has only limited impact on growth as a Christian. What then does cause people to become effective, spiritually strong disciples focused on Christ? Spiritual transformation and depth are found only through understanding Christ, their relationship to Him and working out what it means to be committed to a Savior.

Trends in our ministry to kids are taking the same turn. Years of activities, crafts and programs that are edgy and fun have drawn in many kids to our churches, but have not necessarily drawn them deeper in their spiritual growth nor produced stronger, more committed disciples of Christ. Yet that’s what we are called to do, with kids or adults. I’m going to grab the book and read it and continue my quest for leading kids into spiritual relationship and change, not programs and activities. Join me!

Check out  Global KidZ under our NextGen Dept. by clicking on the KidZ At Heart tab at the top of this page.  We can bring Global KidZ to your church so kids can learn to go deeper in the practice of prayer. 


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