Is American Children’s Ministry Global? (part 2)

A focus on children in America today is truly part of the global picture. 

Our children are counted in the global statistics. 


The alarming news: our children are dramatically “at risk” though the perils may sometimes be different from those children face outside the USA.

The good news: our Christian children represent a dynamic resource that God can use to bring about His Global Kingdom advances — now.

Our children can engage in intercession and build sturdy prayer habits into their young lives that will function powerfully now and go with them into adulthood.

Our children have money to spend and they have an effective, winsome approach that enlists adults to join them in biblical stewardship.

Our children can witness to the redeeming love of Jesus, supporting their words with compassionate deeds.

Our children can take a bold stand for justice; sensitive to God’s leading to defend the vulnerable and weak.

When discipleship strategies build a biblical foundation for their lives, they can change the direction of the future Church in America and infuse it with the holy fire of God that will enable the Church to be full participant in His global Kingdom advance.

This is only “long range” from our perspective.  God already exists in our future, and He will build strength now for what we see as “tomorrow,” as we obey Him in our “present.”

I advocate that we create a two-lens global focus:  An urgent call to action on behalf of those children who suffer so dramatically today outside of the USA and a call to action that rescues the children within the USA from every form of evil that is on the rampage here.

May we continue to create powerful, intentional strategies to raise up a generation that knows what it is to love the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls, and strengths, (Deut.6:5) and their neighbors (wherever those neighbors may live) as themselves, not only in the USA, but around the globe.  Psalm 145:4

Nancy Tichy, KidZ At Heart International author


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