Is American Children’s Ministry Global?

We have in North America an example (or echo, in some cases) of every global evil at work today: child pornography and abduction for the sex trade, gang violence with children shooting and being shot, hunger, slavery in the work force, brain washing by cults, child protection services for orphans, runaways, and children with severely dysfunctional parents –we have it all. It is no longer “we” and “they.” We are in it together with the whole world.
The one advantage we, in North America, still have is relative affluence and a reasonably stable government. A low percentage of us suffer from the chronic lack of basic commodities to keep us alive; few of us experience life barely above the abject poverty level. We still have resources abundant enough to waste.
We North Americans have become a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious society. Much like India but with a smaller population. So far we do not suffer from distinct, regional alliances that war with each other as seen in Sudan, Nigeria and Korea. The English language still unifies us, although this is challenged in some parts of the country.
American Christians in functioning churches today remain a powerful force to be reckoned with. A great deal of Christian education resources are focused on the children in these churches. Some urban, evangelistic programs continue. Still, the American church, sadly enough, looks more and more like a fudge-filled chocolate egg: secular humanist filling with a biblical coating.
So a focus on children in America today is truly part of the global picture.
Our children are counted in the global statistics.
Thanks for reading thus far! In Part 2, I’ll make some suggestions for a response to the ideas given above. As always, your responses are welcome.

Nancy Tichy, KidZ At Heart International author


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