Biblical Worldview–is it for kids?

Part 2  Essential to having a Biblical worldview is the core belief that absolute truth centers around the Bible.  For the most part, we do not find it difficult to make sure that our children have Biblical knowledge through stories, review and memorization through church programs.

Just as key to Biblical worldview, though, is the core belief that God’s truth must be applied in everyday life situations…everywhere. This aspect of teaching our children a Biblical worldview is vital, but many times absent from our approach in teaching our kids.  It takes considerably more time and doesn’t fit neatly into curriculum!

Samuel (1 Samuel 3) learned under the tutelage of Eli, yet when faced with a direct encounter with God it took Eli’s modeling and guidance to show him how to apply his knowledge of God, but that investment by Eli enabled Samuel to continue on in the ministry God had for him that ultimately touched many lives.


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