Biblical worldview–is it for kids?

Part 1 – Talk about biblical worldview usually centers on the adult world, with some daring to venture into the teen world to grapple with this concept and how it plays itself out in the lives of those we influence.  Rarely do parents or ministry leaders consider the validity of developing a biblical worldview with elementary age kids, yet research proclaims loudly that all foundational beliefs are developed in the very early stages of life.  So why not biblical worldview?

In The Truth Project, Focus on the Family asserts that the first tenet of defining biblical worldview is that “A worldview is a comprehensive set of truth claims that purport to paint a true picture of reality.”  Now kids will not understand that statement, but can they attain to what it states?  Are kids, who many of us in children’s ministry will admit are able to understand the basics of salvation, able to learn and understand what is basically a truth and what is not? As we teach daily or weekly, are we not building a comprehensive set of truth claims in the life of our kids?  Kids will develop a worldview–our responsibility is to influence them to have a Biblical worldview. (Part 2 continues in the next post.)


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